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Our pre-litigate claim & debt collecion practice is fully contingency based, totally free of charge when no fund is repaid. Our service fee is a precentage of the amount recovered after the client's receipt of the debtor's payment.

Pre-litigate claim case means a matter which the parties have substantial dispute on legal or fact items, include contract, trade, investment and other commercial disputes, or labor, damage, accident, product liability and other civil disputes.

There are two methods to settle a legal dispute: amicable negotiation and legal litigation. Litigation is always time, cost and energy consuming, no matter how strong evidence you have, there is no grantee for winning of litigation even after you have paid huge attorney fees, not to mention the “gray areas” in Chinese judicial system. The worse thing is, even after you have a positive judgment you can not enforce it. On the other hand, litigation leads to death of either possible amicable solution or the client’s commercial relationship with the other side.

Unique with other firms, our dispute solution is to claim compensation or participate in amicable negotiation on behalf of our client before lawsuit. Lawyer's involvement at pre-litigate stage can prevent direct confrontation of disputing parties, to eliminate misunderstandings, to rebuild relationship and to eventually regain compensation and settle dispute in a friendly way.

Debt collection case means a receivable matter which the parties do not have substantial legal, fact or amount dispute.

Our commercial receivables solution is through amicable pre-litigate legal collection. Pre-litigate collection is always more effective than litigation because litigation is time, energy and fund consuming, and the pre-litigate stage will enable the lawyer to collect more evidence to ensure the client have a strong case if litigation is inevitable.

For debt collection cases, if the lawyer fails to recover payment in a reasonable duration, our local debt collection associates will take over to continue collecting in accordance with local laws wherever the debtor is. Our associates will conduct personal visit to the debtor and carry out negotiation in an ethical and diplomatic approach. Efforts of our associated professional collectors always have ways to turn payables to receivables.

We try all and every available effort to settle dispute or collect compensation before lawsuit. So all litigation case we handled belongs to cases have to be settled through the court. For these cases as we have collected and maintained enough evidence through pre-litigate stage, we can always ensure we have a strong case and the court’s order can be enforced smoothly.

When litigation becames inevitable, our experienced and reliable litigate lawyers of CLN Legal Department will conduct due deligence, skillfully assist the client to achieve their goals in a professional and flexible approach.

For cases not in our jurisdiction, we outsource to local lawyer through CLN global lawyers’ alliance panel and coordinate with the litigation lawyer in accordance of bilateral laws to assure we get a positive judgment, and eventully enforce the judgment bilaterally.

Step 1: Delivery of demand letter

We send demand letter immediately after we are entrusted by the client. The demand letter is a Power of Attorney bywhich we can legally involve in physical claim and mediatation of subjected issue, and on the other hand the our demand letter will reach directly to top management of the debtor company which enable us to collect the compensation efficiently.

Step 2: Physical mediation and collection of CLN lawyer and debt collector

We conduct due diligent, take legal and courteous action to secure payment from the debtor through phone calls, knocking doors, personal visits, negotiations, seize properties, freeze bank accounts, garnish wages and enforce judgments, until legal dispute be settled and fund be recovered. CLN takes full responsibility for practice of our debt collection associate to make sure they work legally, and repay the client any fund recovered.

Step 3: Free legal report

We duly report client our claim or collection status. If we can not regain compensation or recover the debt within 3 month or at any time the litigation turns out to be a must, we issue free legal analysis report let the client determine litigation on its own consideration. If the client decides to not to litigate, our pre-litigate claim will be terminated and the case will be closed.

Step 4: Black sheep alert

If we prove the debtor involve in fraud during pre-litigate stage, we issue black sheep report through our credit management associates to alert member companies to stay away from such dishonest debtor.

CLN Pre-litigate Mediation and Debt Collection process:

(Download Confirmation for Pre-litigate Mediation and Debt Collection Service)