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We devote ourself to eliminate commercial risk before it really happen.

We carefully design operation, transaction and payment strategy for our client, tailored to demand of the client and stipulation of Chinese laws. We comprehensively review and draft business contracts, labor handbooks, management documents and payment procedures for the client, provide legal solution for client's business operation according to Chinese law.

The commercial risks of our client can be eliminate to minimum, or should the risk really happen, we are able to ensure winning of legal action and maximum enforcement of the court's judgment in favor of our client.

We provide Corporate Legal Counsel service to our client. The client pays a flat annual fee, our lawyers will be available any time for client’s corporate legal solutions without additional cost.

Service scope of our Corporate Legal Counsel covers service on client’s daily legal consultation, contract review and draft, attorney letter, legal opinion and any other kind of legal services except litigation(lawsuit, arbitration, criminal accusation and other issues which need our physical participation to deal with government authorities), magnificent project(such as legal issues on M&A, IPO, financing or other projects) and pre-litigate claim or debt collection which require the lawyer’s substantial efforts.

However, all billable work towards PLC client will be half discounted from normal market compensation rate. For example, the standard success commission of our debt collection and pre-litigate claim service is 30%, we charge only 15% towards Corporate Legal Counsel client.